Modular Home Construction

Manufactured Homes have been around since the early 1900s. The first company to offer them to the consumer was Sears Roebuck Company - they called them Sears Modern Homes, and they were sold through their catalog. They were much simpler than what we have available to use today.

So what is a Manufactured Home anyway?  A manufactured home is one that is not constructed on your property. It is built in a controlled environment and then delivered to the job site. Even though they are built off-site, they are built to the same specifications for local and state codes.

Advantages of Manufactured Homes

  • No weather delays in the construction process
  • No mold or mildew from high moisture content in the lumber
  • Less likely to have material theft on the job site, since materials are not sitting around for long lengths of time
  • Less coordination and logistics issues that arise when you have multiple vendors providing products to the home
  • No inspection delays or rework needed because of failed inspections
  • Home is ready to be lived in quicker.

Any manufactured home built after 1994 must meet the same HUD safety standards as a site-built home must meet. That means their quality, strength, and fire/wind resistant requirements are the same. And they often meet higher code standards than a site-built home. You can feel peace of mind for your family when purchasing a modern manufactured home.

Are Manufactured Homes Tacky?

Any home can be run down and look bad if it is poorly maintained. This is true of site-built homes too. Keeping your home maintained nicely and adding upgrades can give it an upscale look. There area now even luxurious manufactured home communities with beautiful pools, views, and famous residents. Don't let previous misconceptions keep you from owning the home of your dreams!

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